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lower east side soundwalk

lower east side soundwalk

Walk Directions 

The walk begins at 1) 95 Rivington Street, in front of the gallery space called Participant Inc., located in a building that bears the words "Talmud Torah Building" over the door. If the gallery is open, start the walk inside.

Just next door to the west is the collapsed remains of the 2) First Roumanian-American Congregation Synagogue.

Continue west on Rivington one block to Orchard. Turn right and head north, passing through storefronts that spill out onto the sidewalk. Turn left at Stanton and head west again to Allen. At Allen, take a few minutes to explore standing in 3) Allen Mall Six. Stay at least long enough to hear a few cycles of traffic going through the lights. Close your eyes and turn in a slow circle.

Head south along the Mall back to Rivington and make a right, once again heading west. Walk two more blocks to Forsythe and step into Sarah D. Roosevelt Park. If it's open, go inside 4) M'Finda Kalunga Garden (hours are Wed and Thu, 5-7, Sun 12-6). Proceed slowly along Forsythe or through the park south to Delancey. 

Turn left and walk east along Delancey all the way to Essex. At the corner of Essex, step into 5) New Roma Pizza.

Continue north on Essex. A few doors away is 6) Essex Market. If it's open, go inside and wander through the stalls.

Once outside again, continue north back to Rivington. Turn left and make a final stop inside 7) Economy Candy, at 108 Rivington Street.