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Artist Statement

I tell stories through creating, curating, and advocating art.  I use these stories to engage audiences to share experiences with me that they may not have necessarily known existed or even wanted. I speak about my work with passion and am attracted to work that speaks to me with that same intensity.  I try to encourage people to think beyond what they see.  As a photographer, I hope that the viewer feels emotion and sees meaning behind my images.  As a curator, I strive to present works that provoke questions, initiate deeper conversation, and trigger investigative exploration.  As an advocate, I aggressively pursue support, funding, and a better understanding of the importance and value of art in our lives.  As an interdisciplinary artist, I hope my storytelling inspires curiosity, awareness, and thought.

As a cultural curator, I create an environment for artists to make new work.  I develop an audience that can experience their work.  I believe that art needs to be meaningful, instead of accepted as obscure, opaque, or self-indulgent.

My current interests include but are not limited to, Japanese Butoh Theater, Cuban son music, free jazz, experimental puppetry, postmodern American choreography, electronica, European cirque nouveau, physical theatre and Indonesian dance.

I am continually intrigued by the role technology plays in creating, producing, and making the arts accessible.  I believe technology will serve as a way to democratize the arts and no longer make the arts an elite experience.

I believe in the power of the arts: that culture and multicultural programming shapes us and makes us better.  My personal mission is to change the status quo, create an alternative operation, and create a revolutionary performance space.

I feel responsible to the artists I work with, and I also feel responsible to the society which supports me and to whom my life work is devoted. I understand my role as an interdisciplinary artist to be a connective link, not only between the artist and the public, but also as linkage between different cultural spheres, disciplines, and nations.

no regrets

no regrets